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Here at the Natural Health Improvement Center of San Jose, we handle the root causes of nutritional deficiency, which mimic the symptoms of disease, to help our patients stay happy and healthy for years to come. Unlike traditional medical care, we do more than just mask the symptoms -- we help our patients get well through a natural and functional wellness plan that empowers them with the knowledge and tools to engage their body's healing process. With our Nutrition Response Testing™ and continuous observation, we’ll work with you to ensure our long term plan gives you the results you want. For safe and natural solutions to lifestyle and health problems, look to the Natural Health Improvement Center of San Jose. 

What's your reality?

Let's start with goals.

Let's start with goals.

You are suffering from an unwanted health condition, and you are committed to getting help now to heal yourself and reclaim your life.

Let's start with goals.

Let's start with goals.

Let's start with goals.

You define health and wellness goals that you want to achieve, and we track how your symptoms improve as you progress on your care plan.

Know your options.

Let's start with goals.

Know your options.

We use muscle testing to discover your body's priorities for healing, so we can correct dysfunction in the right order to speed your recovery.

90-minute Initial Evaluation

  • Starting at $149
  • Your Designed Clinical Nutritional Plan includes a Food Sensitivity screening, a Chemical and Heavy Metal toxicity test, and an Immune Challenge analysis.
  • Physical assessments include a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test, a Body Fat Scan, and a Pain Sensitivity evaluation.
  • A limited number of appointments are available for new clients each week, so take advantage of this offer today! 


Nutrition Response Testing®

Your biochemistry drives your behavior. We can identify how your nutritional deficiency mimics the symptoms of many diseases. We assess how your organs are stressed by food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, chemical toxicity, immune challenges, and scarring.


NeuroKinetic Therapy®

We clear dysfunctional kinetic patterns which cause muscles to compensate in weak and strong pairs. By resetting the motor control signal to your brain, we initiate new neural pathways to balance your movement and improve your functional posture.


Z-Health Performance®

Train your brain to outsmart pain! We use different neuroscience exams, such as vision tests and balance challenges, to determine the level of brain activity that provides sufficient stimulus to improve your movement and to decrease your pain.



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